The Innoter employees do not depriv the military and sports games of its legitimate share attention. For example, the tactical paintball. The Innoter employees from time to time like to robe the camouflage uniform and hiding behind some covers to shoot to each other with the multi-coloured paint. Such events unite and consolidate collective. And its quite a joy and fun!

Иннотер на пейтболе.jpg

Mini-football team

The Innoter sponsors the Moscow Institute (University) of Engineers in Geodesy, Aerophotography and Cartography (MIIGAiK) mini-football team.

Lots of the MIIGAiK graduates were and are high-grade specialists in cartography, geodesy, land cadastre, remote sensing, at that they possess physical fitness and also have sports category. The sport improves and builds up the health. The sportsmen possess the qualities which comply with the character and personal leadership. These humane qualities directly relate to the Innoter company.

The Innoter cooperation with the MIIGAiK in this field strengthens the inextricable links of the Innoter company employees with their Alma Mater, elaborate it and also promote the popularization of the sports in our country.sbornaya_miigaik_minifutbol_sponsor_innoter.jpg
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