After extraction from gas fields comes the final stage in delivering natural gas to consumers - distribution. This means the development of a complex system of pipelines and related facilities. When providing construction works, specialists always need topographic maps of a territory, roadways and railways schemes. Often satellite imagery is the main source of information for the update of these cartographic products. Use of satellite imagery permits to reduce financial costs for field works.
Another important part of the gas distribution system is its energy supply. Therefore, the electricity supply system needs proper engineering. Satellite imagery and cartographic materials help to:
  • lay power lines;
  • collect statistical data on the functioning of the power lines network;
  • detect and localize zones of accidents;
  • make a plan of repair works;
  • choose a suitable route for engineers executing repair works.
While monitoring the condition of the powerlines network, our specialists can define the following parameters: coordinates and height of power supply towers, length and sagging of transmission lines, and other.

  • fast delivery of information;
  • financial costs reduce for field works;
  • ability to provide monitoring in hard-to-reach areas.
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