Underground gas storage permits to regulate an uneven consumption of gas during seasons (less in summer, more in winter), to balance the flow in pipeline systems, to assure against unforeseen accidents.
The construction of underground gas storages requires prior projecting. On this stage, satellite imagery (and Earth remote sensing data in general) become necessary for further technical works.
Each type of technical work implies planning and detailed technical description of a project. As a rule, technical description generally consists of:
  • a map of the pipeline system, fields, functioning and planned natural gas storages;
  • structure maps of gas storage facilities with the displayed wells;
  • longitudinal sections and cross sections of storage;
  • a plan of storage.

Map of the Schelkovskoye UGS exploitation

According to the standards and rules of UGS construction, all engineering surveys and all measures of environmental protection must be followed by the materials of remote sensing. 

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