According to the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation, the expert report is one of types of evidences, which can be accepted for consideration during the judicial proceedings.
Frequently requested reports include studying existing or missing objects within the area of interest and their dynamics.

The main purpose of the expert report is to establish the truth. Hence, an expert should preliminary set all conditions for materials:
  • parameters of space images, needed for the report (resolution, date and time, etc.);
  • a necessary period of time or several periods of time;
  • a necessary localization of the object (coordinates, square);
  • other conditions, if needed.

In case of all necessary data availability, the Innoter company concludes a contract with the customer. After submitting the payment, the Innoter company purchases all materials and starts to work on the report. 

After receiving the data specialists need to interpret all requested objects. Here one important note should be made. Not each object can be interpreted from a satellite image. It depends on conditions (e.g. atmospheric) of the satellite survey.  It's also important to keep in mind that we can interpret, for example, absolute or relative location of the object, but we can't interpret its material composition. After the interpretation is made, specialist writes a verbal description of all objects and their parameters and illustrates the expert report with fragments of satellite images used.

As a result, the customer recieves following documents:
  • expert report with the Innoter's seal and signed by the expert;
  • copy of the license which permits the Innoter company to execute this work;
  • copy of the expert's certificate;
  • satellite images, maps or any other materials, if they were additionally purchased at customer's expense and were included into invoice.

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