Interactive virtual tours are created from panoramic photos of a location. It is a simulation of an existing location, which gives a feeling of real presence in this location.
3D-tour consists of a sequence of still images. The process of creating a 3D-tour includes in general 4 steps:
  • photo- or videoshooting with a professional camera;
  • image processing and retouching;
  • stitching;
  • virtual tour creating (here interactive elements can be added).
Unlike a still photo, virtual tours provide a full visualization of a space. An interactive 3D-tour can contain additional elements:
  • sounds;
  • pop-up tips;
  • short videos;
  • interactive maps;
  • floor plans.

Virtual tours are used extensively for universities and in the real estate and hospitality industries. You can demonstarte the whole interior of a restraunt, hotel or gym. Moreover, your can place a virtual tour on your website. This will help to attract more users and more potential clients.

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