Thematic data analysis is the acquisition of information to solve narrowly focused issues.

Based on radar data, practical solutions are created that are used in rural and forestry enterprises, oil and gas industry enterprises, and environmental organizations.

Let us look at some examples of thematic data analysis:

  • Monitoring the state of forests. Determination of the area of woodlands, the composition of forest species, wood reserves.

  • Study of the structure of the earth's crust. This method is used in the exploration of mineral deposits and the study of seismic activity.

  • Monitoring of agricultural land. Monitoring the state of plant crops, carrying out sowing, reclamation and harvesting operations. With the help of radar data, you can predict the volume of the future crop.

  • Creation of cartographic materials, detailed city plans, topographic maps, and terrain models.

  • Environmental monitoring. Determination of the zone of environmental pollution, the place of dumping of harmful substances or the formation of unauthorized landfills.

  • Assessment of damage in emergency situations. Aerial and satellite imagery can determine the damage caused by natural disasters. Remote monitoring also facilitates the process of evacuating people and restoring destroyed objects. 

  • Study of the water surface, solving problems in glaciology (determining the thickness of ice, the location and movement of glaciers), detection of sea and river vessels.

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Product Advantages

  • high spatial resolution;
  • get up-to-date data in all weather conditions and in all light conditions of the earth's surface;
  • receiving data with high frequency.

Product Users

  • state and commercial organizations: industrial enterprises, rural and forestry enterprises, environmental and meteorological organizations, rescue services.
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