Radar satellites use ultra high frequencies to remotely sense the Earth's surface. Ultra high frequency allows these satellites to collect data through clouds, smoke, haze and sometimes through vegetation. It also can be operated at day or at night.
Thus, we can get reliable and relevant data with high spatial resolution which can be used for the thematic analysis. These are possible examples of radar data application:
  • Forestry monitoring. Forest square area definition, forest composition and structure.
  • Earth's crust examination. Here the radar data can be used for seismic activity research.
  • Agricultural grounds monitoring. Thematic analysis can be made for tasks of field management, crop yiels controlling, determination of soil type, prevention of soil erosion, etc.
  • Ecological monitoring. Environmental pollution assessment, illegal dumping grounds detecting, etc.
  • Emergency damage assessment.
  • Glaciology and hydrology.
  • high spatial resolution;
  • data acquisition regardless of the weather conditions or time.
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