Самые точные и детальные геопространственные данные

A powerful embedded PC and IR multitouch backboard with the shielding glass secures the incredible possibilities for work with images and graphic 3D objects.


  • Cartography;
  • Engineering;
  • Design;
  • Presentations (images and 3D objects).

The modern multimedia hardware state-of-the-art opens an ample opportunities for the different types information visualization and it also secures the interactive communication when is shared. One of the most interesting, dynamically developing sectors is the elaboration of different sensor touch and multi-touch systems, which nowadays are widely used in the telecommunications, personal computers and notebooks, in different demonstration, cognitive and entertaining systems and installations.

In the modern situation rooms designed for the tasks of the regional and branch management a critical part plays the interactive hardware and software systems for the spatial visualization and many other areas. Such multimedia displays can be used both separately and in the complexes, securing the wide variety of tasks solution, composition.