Environmental pollution is a serious global problem that has become a major threat to the survival of the world we live in. Now it is possible to prevent natural and man-made disasters caused by pollution by using the ERS data.

The ERS data is applicable for solving ecological problems:

  • detection of pollution sources
  • appraisal of the state of the environment;
  • estimation of gas emissions quantity;
  • disasters prediction and warning (landslides, flooding, waterlogging).


Depending on different purposes specialists use different types of the ERS data. For example, medium resolution data is used for the identification of pollution sources of lands and waters; infrared imagery is used to identify oil spills while visible imagery is required for fugitive dust monitoring. Remote sensing makes a constant monitoring of rapidly changing ecosystems possible.
Описание фотографии
The source of pollution: an oil spill from oil platform.
Описание фотографии
Air pollution from a volcanic eruption
Описание фотографии
Liquid wastes dumping.

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