Remote sensing data of ultra-high spatial resolution (1 m or higher) can be effectively used to monitor areas of illegal subsoil use. A resolution of 2.5 m is acceptable, but the quality of work will be significantly reduced.
ing the satellite data, specialists of Innoter LTD can determine the location of unrecorded areas of illegal subsoil use, landfills of solid waste (LSW), and their accompanying areas. The nature of production and the type of mineral can be determined. Based on the data obtained, an entire GIS project can be created that contains all the information necessary for analysis and subsequent decision-making.
Активный карьер, отвечающий основным дешифровочным признакам
Active quarry that meets the main decryption criteria
Объект, похожий на карьер на снимках Канопус-В (А) и Яндекс.Карт (Б)
An object similar to the quarry in the images of Canopus-B (left) and Yandex.Maps (right)
Specialists of Innoter LTD use the method of combining visual (at the first stage) and automated (at the second stage) decryption. This gives the most optimal result. Using exclusively automated decryption – as in some other companies – inevitably leads to the loss of some of the true data and the identification of a large number of false objects.
We try to take into account the geographical (both physical and socio-economic) features of the research area. This is the location of sawmills, sections of road works, and so on-all that can affect the quality of decryption. If the customer provides us with thematic layers, this significantly improves the quality of work.
When performing monitoring to improve the reliability of decryption, we use the previously accumulated Bank of decryption standards for quarries and similar objects. The standards and additional decryption features collected as part of our work help us to fulfill such orders with a decryption accuracy of 80% or more (without taking into account the field survey).
The field survey is also carried out, which significantly increases the project's effectiveness. Visiting the area of our specialists allows you to clarify the decrypted objects, standards and further verify the reliability of data related to objects that are not subject to field inspection.
The problem of illegal subsoil use affects many regions of Russia and the world, but satellite data can effectively monitor such actions and analyze them, as well as quickly eliminate the consequences of such illegal land use. To effectively counteract this phenomenon, even state structures can only be armed with the main weapon-knowledge and information!
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Итоговый вид ГИС созданного проекта

Final view of the geo-information system (GIS) of the created project.
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