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AW3D Ortho Imagery - The world's highest quality orthorectified imagery for better undestanding of the present situation with 3D maps.
High-resolution images of any location on earth; imagery is taken with the sophisticated satellite constellation operated by DigitalGlobe and JAXA, then orthorectified using AW3D standard/enhanced data as DEM source.

30 cm, the world's highest-resolution commercial satellite imagery

Created from 30 - 50 cm resolution images from the satellite constellation operated by DigitalGlobe. You can clearly count a person, or a white strip of a crosswalk, for example, in a 30 cm resolution imagery.

The highest resolution as commercial satellite image, possibly equivalent to small scale maps (1:2,500)

Using AW3D Standard (5m) DSM, high positional accuracy and global coverage DSM, as the reference DEM in the orthorectified process. AW3D Enhanced DSM, which has higher positional accuracy, can be used per your request*. In this case, we can provide a greater area of ortho images which are equivalent to scale 1:5,000 ~ 1:25,000 maps in short turnaround time. In addition, we can offer ortho-images equivalent to scale 1:2,500 map from our latest and the highest positional accuracy satellite imagery archives if you can share your ground control points (GCPs) data.
*both AW3D Ortho and AW3D enhanced have to be purchased as a package.


Product Type Orthorectified imagery
Resolution 30 cm / 40 cm / 50 cm / 60 cm / 2.5 m
Satellite JAXA - ALOS (2.5 m) & DigitalGlobe - WorldView (30 cm - 60 cm)
Area any area on demand
Minimum Order Size 400 km² (2.5 m Panchromatic), 1000 km² (2.5 m Color), 25 km² (Others)
Delivery Formats GeoTIFF
*Other formats are available on request.
Delivery Method Online or Media (DVD)
Optional Services New tasking option
Ортоизображение г. Токио (Япония) пространственное разрешение 30 см30cm resolution ortho imagery (Around Tokyo Station Tokyo, Japan)

Regarding the purchase of the Orthorectified imagery AW3D Ortho Imagery and data from satellites  ALOS (PRISM, AVNIR-2), WorldView-3, WorldView-4 and much more, please contact  “Innoter” Ltd., the official distributor of RESTEC, by phone number: +7 (495) 245-04-24 or by sending a message on email:

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