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The Innoter company offers services on the customers digital cartographic materials procurement ample range. We can accomplish the following:

  • digital topographic, thematic, special maps and plans creation and update;
  • different scales and formats topographic, thematic, special maps and plans vectorization;
  • separate layers for GIS and geo-portals creation.
Our company has accumulated an archive of ready digital topographic maps for vast world regions with different scales which does not require any time for improvement and is available for order upon a customer’s request.

The created by our company digital maps have widespread application for:

  • detail terrain analysis and assessment;
  • exploitation of mineral deposits;
  • territories, transportation, communications, utility lines management geoinformation systems construction;
  • tasks of the land, town-planning, forest and other cadasters maintaining;
  • construction objects design support;
  • engineering, agricultural, forest water and other surveys;
  • ecological, geological, cartographic monitoring;
  • business, policy decision-making support.
The digital maps can be submitted in the exchangeable formats of the commercial GIS, DBMS, publishing systems: (SXF) Panorama; (DM) Neva; (SHP/MXD) ArgGIS; (MIF/MID, TAB) MapInfo; (DXF and DWG) AutoCAD; (GeoTIFF, AI, CDR, PS) etc.

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