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The oil and gas industry is the main component of the Russian economy, the territory of which has a huge, not yet exhausted potential of hydrocarbon raw materials. In order to effectively use natural hydrocarbon resources, it is necessary to apply the latest achievements of science and technology in geoinformation support of the oil and gas industry. One of the most effective ways to provide information is the widespread use of modern Aero-and space methods, technologies and tools.
GEO INNOTER LLC, based on the analysis of the activities of the oil and gas industry, as well as tasks that require the use of Aero - and space information, offers the following services to solve them.

During geological exploration of hydrocarbon deposits:

  • Update of topographic maps and plans for exploration and development areas;
  • Selection of oil and gas prospective areas based on aerial and satellite images by decoding promising geological structures using the principal component method;
  • Creating maps of engineering and geological zoning on a scale of 1: 100000-1:200000 and smaller;
  • Create photogeological maps, elements of the geological structure, mapping the deep structure of the area, maps, neotectonic movements and maps the optimal placement of exploration wells;
  • Data analysis of remote sensing data for performance of works on seismic microzoning.

Development of hydrocarbon fields, including design, construction, operation, conservation and liquidation of oil and gas production facilities

  • Receiving and providing remote sensing data at various stages of field development;
  • Creating and updating a digital cartographic base on the scale 1:100 000 – 5 000;
  • Creating digital orthophotos of 1:5000 – 500 scale;
  • Creation of surveying and geodetic plans and topographic maps of field development on a scale of 1: 2000-1: 10000;
  • Creation of topographic maps (plans) with applied existing and projected facilities on a scale of 1: 25000-1: 10000;
  • Space monitoring of construction progress;
  • Monitoring changes on the territory of license areas.

In the operation of pipeline transport:

  • Pipeline monitoring (for Russia in space, for foreign markets as an option development of a GIS system);
  • Creating maps of the forecast state of natural components for sections of the pipeline route with increased environmental risk on a scale of 1: 5000-1:100000;
  • Creating situational plans for areas with a dedicated exploration area and a marked gas transmission system (scale in accordance with the technical task);
  • Creating plans and longitudinal profiles of pipelines at scale 1:200, 1:500, 1:1000, 1:2000.

When the ecological system of natural resource management:

  • Creating schematic environmental maps at a scale of 1:25000 or smaller;
  • Creating maps of critical environmental impacts on a scale of 1: 5000-1: 10000;
  • Creating maps of a retrospective assessment of the environmental situation on a scale of 1: 5000-1:50000;
  • Creating forecast maps for possible changes in environmental components on a scale of 1: 5000-1:50000;
  • Inventory and certification of contaminated and disturbed land and water bodies;
  • Monitoring of oil spills and water pollution;
  • Assessment of environmental damage as a result of emergency situations;
  • Assessment of anthropogenic impact.

When ensuring industrial safety:

  • Identification of areas of development of dangerous geological, man-made and natural processes and phenomena;
  • Monitoring of the earth's surface deformation using space radar data;
  • Monitoring the state of potentially dangerous objects based on aerial and space surveys.
Ras Tanura Refinery, Saudi Arabia. WorldView-3 satellite ©DigitalGlobe
Ras Tanura Refinery, Saudi Arabia. WorldView-3 satellite ©DigitalGlobe
A shot from the GeoEye-1 satellite ©DigitalGlobe
A shot from the GeoEye-1 satellite ©DigitalGlobe
Oil terminal in Singapore, spatial resolution 30 cm, an image from the WorldView-4 satellite
Oil terminal in Singapore, spatial resolution 30 cm, an image from the WorldView-4 satellite
GEO INNOTER LLC has considerable experience in using Aero-and space-based information to solve problems in the oil and gas industry. Our clients are Rosneft, Gazprom, Gazprom Neft, LUKOIL, and Transneft. The company's specialists are highly qualified in working with remote sensing materials and use the most advanced methods and software for their thematic processing. As a result of using the experience of GEO INNOTER LLC in the use of Aero and space information, customers of the oil and gas industry can significantly increase the economic efficiency of their business activities and ensure high quality of production processes.

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