Three main types of elevation models are used for various purposes: • DEM-Digital Elevation Models, • DTM-Digital Terrain models, • DSM-Digital Surface Models.

Investigation of atmospheric pollution using Sentinel-5P satellite images

Sentinel-5 Precursor (Sentinel-5P) is a space satellite launched in 2017 by the European space Agency (ESA) for the purpose of daily global monitoring of the chemical composition of the earth's atmosphere, the content and distribution of major pollutants and greenhouse gases in it

Monitoring the condition of pipelines based on satellite imagery

The oil and gas complex is the complicated and multi-level system of interaction between various types of human activities. It seems that the difficulties can only be related to the extraction of natural resources, but the transportation of gas and oil products is no less important and integral process of the oil and gas complex, since in order to seize from the benefits of hydrocarbon fuel, products must first be delivered to the places of processing and final use.

Remote Sensing as a Method for Predicting Platinum-Metal Mineralization Based on a Study of the Eastern Sector of the Bushveld Complex

This article demonstrates the possibility of using Landsat 7 ETM+ multispectral space surveys and brightness parameters to predict platinum mineralization in new promising areas. Analysis of the gravitational field has shown that platinum mineralization in the studied area is concentrated in a rather narrow range of values, which enables one to use these data as a prospecting indicator. The main conclusions were made and the ability of Landsat 7 ETM+ multispectral space surveys to forecast platinum mineralization in new promising areas was demonstrated.

Oil and gas industry and use of radar survey

Radar survey has many applications in various fields: forestry and agriculture, Oceanography, urban planning, transport structure, and especially in the extractive industry, including the oil and gas industry.

Getting high resolution satellite imagery free

Many people still don't know where they can find free satellite images. We present you the list of services where anyone can choose the necessary satellite images.

Allocation of various types of hydrothermally altered rocks from ASTER images

During the collection of remote sensing data, an analysis of satellite images was conducted. The ASTER product was used as starting material.

Search for hydrothermally altered rocks to identify porphyry copper deposits using ASTER images

The goal of the project is to use ASTER satellite images for mapping hydrothermally altered rocks associated with porphyry copper mineralization using the Sarcheshme deposit as an example.

Remote sensing as a method for predicting platinum-mental mineralization based on a study of the eastern sector of the Bushveld complex

In this paper, a study of the differentiated Bushveld complex (South Africa) is carried out on the basis of remote cosmic and gravimagnetic methods.

Selection and ordering images from the American intelligence satellites Keyhole (1959 - 1980)

The Keyhole US Species Reconnaissance Satellite Series. The spacecraft of this series had a military purpose; the main goal was detailed optical reconnaissance of the territory of the USSR, China and other countries of potential opponents of the United States.

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