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The Innoter company provides satellite images from Russian satellites for further commercial use.
To this date, the following satellites are operating in orbit:
  • 5 satellites of the "Kanopus-V" series (Kanopus-V №1, 3, 4, 5, 6). These satellites shoot high-quality panchromatic and multispectral images with a spatial resolution of 2,1-2,7 meters and 10,5 meters at nadir, respectively.
  • 3 satellites of the "Resurs-P" series (Resurs-P №1, 2, 3). Satellites of this series are shooting with a resolution of 0,7 m in panchromatic mode and 3-4 m in multispectral mode.
  • Meteor-M №2 satellite, intended for hydrometeorological and oceanographic observations. The satellite has two imaging systems with a resolution of 1 km and 50 m / 100 m.
  • Aist-2D satellite, shooting images with a resolution of 1.48 m in panchromatic mode and 4.4 m in multispectral.

Example of Russian satellite image

Among all listed satellites, images from the Resurs-P satellite are most in demand, since their quality and spatial resolution is almost comparable to foreign analogues.

Innoter also supplies archived satellite imagery from satellites decommissioned to date. These are Meteor-M №1, Resurs-F, Resurs-DK1, Monitor-E satellites. The archive accumulated for more than 30 years allows making detailed studies of long-term changes, for example, environmental changes. Additionally, our team of specialists successfully uses archive satellite imagery for forensic examination. You can read about successful examples of using imagery from Russian satellites here
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