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Satellite surveying provides fast and reliable data acquisition. Due to the high quality and high resolution of satellite images it is possible to applicate them for rescue missions while emergency situations or natural disasters.

Remote sensing from satellites or UAV can solve following cases:

  • natural or technogenic emergency monitoring;
  • possibilities of a fast transport access to the emergency area;
  • rescue missions planning;
  • examination of natural or technogenic disasters consequences.

When the space monitoring can be applied?

  • Forest fires, steppe fires, peat bog fires. In such cases the main aim of the remote sensing is to detect areas of ignition and the type of the wildfire's spread (ground, crown, etc.).
  • Floods and high tides. Uncontrolled water flow can damage the infrastructure, buildings, roads and private property; it is also dangerous for people. The remote sensing technology helps to control the water level in rivers, lakes and other water reservoirs. Thus, we will be able to prevent flooding by using satellite monitoring.
  • Earthquakes, landslides, plates motion. Remote sensing allows specialists to monitor geodynamics and to detect high-risk areas. Satellite imagery is used for detecting landslides, groundwaters and spreading gullies. This data is important for either emergency preventing or construction planning.

The river flooding consequences in Houston, TX, USA. KOMPSAT-3A satellite. On the left: 4 May 2017. On the right: 11 September 2017

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