117303, offices 303-307, 3rd floor, right-wing stylobate, bldg. 1, Malaya Yushunskaya street, Moscow, Russia
+7 495 245-04-24
+7 495 245-02-24

Our company central office is located in the Business Center in Kakhovka, Berlin hotel complex building, right-wing stylobate, 3rd floor, offices 303 – 307. We reside 50 meters from Kakhovskaia Metro station (or Sevastopolskaia Metro station). The exit from Kakhovskaia station is from the first (from the Moscow center) subway car. Than enter the pedestrian underpass, there turn right. To come to the pedestrian underpass end and go up to the street (left exit). In front of you there is a 17-floors whitish rectangular building (Soviet type) with big windows.

Enter the swinging glass door and phone a city number: +7(495)245-04-24. Our staff will meet you.

Public transport: from Warshavskaia or Novye Cheremushky Metro stations by trolleybuses №60 and №72 to the Kakhovskaia Metro station. In order to enter the office you should have identification document e.g. passport or driving license with you.

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