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ERDAS APOLLO provides comprehensive data management. The system helps to organize geospatial data and distribute that data from the cloud. ERDAS APOLLO delivers geospatial data faster and easier. It also can be customized and extended to satisfy your business process requirments. ERDAS APOLLO is the fastest commercially available server that is able to work with Big Data.
Discover the video to see how fast ERDAS APOLLO visualizes mosaics of Germany (almost 1 TB):

ERDAS APOLLO is available in 3 product tiers:

APOLLO Essentials – fast image delivery & GIS integration 
  • high-speed access to large volumes of imagery;
  • thousands of users simultaneously, all from a single server;
  • ECWP, OGC WMTS, OGC WMS, JPIP, ImageX, ESRI GeoServices

APOLLO Advantage – large volume distributed data management & delivery
  • organize all geospatial data;
  • distribute data to web services, clouds, etc.;
  • search, discover, visualize data;
  • catalog all geospatial and non-spatial data;
  • OGC WMS, OGC WCS, OGC WFS(-T), OGC CS-W, OGC WMC, OGC SLD, OGC GML, Metadata ISO 19115/19139

APOLLO Professional – geoprocessing & extracting information
  • Clip-Zip-Ship LAS-formatted point cloud data;
  • perform spatial analysis and dynamicallycreate information;

The Innoter company is the official distributor of Hexagon Geospatial products. 
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