Modern transport infrastructure is a network of roads, railroads, airports, sea ports. Geographic information systems (GIS) help city planners, civil servants and engineers to project, control and maintain the complex system of city infrastructure.
Geographic information systems uses spatial data, which is collected through the remote sensing. After the data acquisition goes the data processing - the most important stage of GIS development.

Some examples of satellite imagery applications:

  • update of thematic layers for navigation maps (roads, railroads, airports, etc.);
  • construction works planning (new airports, new roads, new sea ports);
  • reconstruction works planning;
  • timely troubleshooting during the transport infrastructure maintenance.
Описание фотографии
The Khanty-Mansiysk airport, Russia, 04.08.2009
Описание фотографии
Northern part of Sydney, Australia. Kompsat-3A satellite ©SIIS
Описание фотографии
Tokyo, Japan. Kompsat-3A satellite ©SIIS
Описание фотографии
Road junction construction, Russia. WorldView-2 satellite, 2014 ©DigitalGlobe
Описание фотографии
The Crimean bridge (the Kerch Strait bridge) construction. WorldView-2 satellite,21.09.2017 ©DigitalGlobe

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