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If you have already chosen your area of interest (AOI), send us its boundaries in SHP, TAB, KML, KMZ file formats (only in WGS-84 coordinate system) or send us its coordinates. We will select images that fit your needs fully. We will also send additional schemes, shp-files, quick-looks of satellite images. When all necessary images are selected, we make a cost calculation for the customer. In case no suitable imagery is available, we will offer the customer a new satellite surveying.

More detailed information about the images and the order specifications you can find out in the section Remote Sensing.
We execute all orders according to the standard methods of satellite surveying, which is confirmed by the quality certificate ISO 9001:2015.

For consultations contact us by the phone: +7 495 245-04-24 or send us an e-mail to: You can also fill in an online form on our website.
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