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The company "Geospatial Agency Innoter" offers the service of monitoring forestry using space satellites for remote sensing of the Earth (ERS). Innoter possesses modern technical capabilities that allow receiving and processing data in real time. The customer can get prompt access to information at any time of the day.

Earth remote sensing data (satellite imagery) is actively used in the inventory of forestry at any scale. Satellite imagery allows to quickly identify changes in forest areas associated with the influence of natural and anthropogenic factors. Currently, remote sensing data are widely used to assess damage caused by a forest fire, plant diseases, illegal logging or toxic substances.

Satellite sensing of forestfarms helps to solve the following tasks:

  • mapping of the forest area;
  • determination of the species composition of the forest;
  • classification of forests by timber stock, age and other parameters;
  • determination of the degree of influence of pests and diseases on the condition of trees;
  • monitoring of illegal logging;
  • certification of forest areas;
  • study of the relief, swampiness, bends for forestry activities;
  • assessment of forest regeneration.

It is impossible to draw up documents for planned and unscheduled activities without using the satellite imagery. Remote sensing data are especially in demand in the development of poorly studied forest landscapes in the northern and eastern regions of the country. Innoter uses licensed software that allows decryption of data in automatic mode.

To solve the operational tasks of forestry, materials of regular and operational space survey are used, which are compared with statistical and field data that are in the customer's information base. The output data from the satellites, after appropriate processing, are sent to our geoportal.

Remote sensing of forestry is widely used to combat illegal logging and fires. Operational monitoring of controlled areas allows you to objectively assess the environmental and economic damage from man-made or natural disasters. With the help of high-quality images, it becomes possible to predict the impact of adverse factors (for example, data on forest waterlogging) for carrying out activities that minimize damage.

For a preliminary calculation of the cost and selection of coverage for the area of ​​interest with satellite images from satellites, send the TOR or the coordinates of the site to e-mail: We will be happy to answer your questions by phone: +7 (495) 245-04-24

Product benefits:

  • Objective assessment of environmental and economic damage from man-made or natural disasters;
  • Ability to predict the impact of adverse factors for the implementation of measures that minimize damage.

Our customers:

  • State-owned enterprises that are engaged in forest management in the forest fund of the Russian Federation;
  • Private enterprises that are engaged in forest management in the forest fund of the Russian Federation.
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