Last summer, an American student created a Facebook event called "Let's storm Area 51, they can't stop everyone". In a matter of weeks, millions of people registered for the event, which seriously alarmed the local authorities, since Area 51 is a top-secret U.S. Air Force base.

What can explain the interest in "Area 51" among other numerous U.S. military bases?

"Area 51" is located in the state of Nevada, the nearest major city Las Vegas is 135 kilometers away. The facility is maximally classified, guarded 24 hours a day. Nearby are two more closed military facilities: a test site for nuclear weapons, which functioned in 1950-1990, and a test and training base. Their total area is almost 12 thousand square kilometers. No flights are allowed over the military base, so the only available way to explore this territory is by space imagery.

Runway fragment

What do Area 51 images show?

Space images show an ordinary Air Force base with runways, airplanes, hangars and other buildings. The images from space do not explain the increased interest in "Area 51" among the Internet community.
Military aircraft and hangars
The media has repeatedly claimed that aliens are being studied at the military base. The most popular "conspiracy theory" says that an alien ship that crashed in New Mexico in 1947 is hidden there. Proponents of this theory also claim that the bodies of the crew members of this ship are located on the territory of "Area 51". According to official data, the base is used for testing aircraft and weapons.
Military aircraft and hangars 2
The author of the book about the history of "Area 51" Annie Jacobsen believes that the rumors about aliens spread by the U.S. intelligence agencies themselves: "In 1950, CIA agents created a department to track unidentified flying objects. And when people saw a U-2 spy plane in the sky over Nevada, they couldn't figure out what it was. So the CIA turned rumors of alien research to its advantage."

"Area 51 was built in 1955 during the Cold War to test the latest aircraft, particularly the U-2 and SR-71 Blackbird spy planes. The fact of its existence was officially revealed only recently, in 2013. Barack Obama became the first U.S. president to speak publicly about Area 51.

Back to the folks at Facebook. On September 20, 2019, the scheduled date of the storming of "Area 51", most of the people simply did not come to the event, and a few hundred people who gathered stood with posters and dispersed.
General satellite image of Area 51
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