The Keyhole US Species Reconnaissance Satellite Series. The spacecraft of this series had a military purpose; the main goal was detailed optical reconnaissance of the territory of the USSR, China and other countries of potential opponents of the United States. In total, 13 types of Keyhole satellites were developed and launched. Our company has an agreement with the US Geological Survey and can provide images from 9 types of satellites that are currently declassified. Satellites were launched into orbit from 1959 to 1986, images for customers are available until 1980. Total available about 930,000 frames. On February 24, 1995, images taken by the KH 1-4, 4a, and 4b Corona reconnaissance spacecraft, as well as the KH-5 Argon and KH-6 Lanyard, were declassified by a special decree of US President Bill Clinton. By the same decree, the period for declassification of KH-7 Gambit and KH-9 Hexagon images was set for 2002.

1. In this document we choose the satellite we are interested in (by the date of operation and resolution in feet).

2. From the PDF file, copy the values of the “Mission Numbers” line for the desired satellite (for KH-7 and KH-9, this is not necessary).

3. We use the search engine USGS EarthExplorer. In the section "Datasets" you must specify:

  • Declassified Data–> Declass 1 (1996) (for KH-1 – KH-6 satellites).

  • Declassified Data–> Declass 2 (2002) (for KH-7 and KH-9 satellites).

4. On the Additional Criteria tab:

  • If we are looking for “Declass 1”, then in the field “Mission Number” we enter the numbers of the missions copied earlier.

  • If we are looking for “Declass 2”, then simply select the name of the desired satellite.


1. Resolution in meters (From the highest to the lowest):

  • 0.6 m – KH-7

  • 1.8 m – KH-4B and KH-6

  • 2.7 m – KH-4A

  • 7.6 m – KH-1, KH-2, KH-3 and KH-4

  • 140.2 m – KH-5

2. It is good if there are large water bodies near the territory you need. They are the best guide when picking KH pictures.

3. You should know that linking quicklook when displaying them in a search engine strongly "walks." It may even be so that the frames will be inverted.

4. Pictures can be both paid and free.

5. Images are shipped without georeferencing.

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