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Remote sensing makes it possible to quickly identify fire centers and control their spread, to assess the economic and environmental damage caused to forestry. 

Receiving operational information about fire hazards allows you to respond in time to a developing natural disaster. Relevant and reliable data help to evacuate people, logging equipment in advance, as well as take the necessary measures to stop the spread of fire.

The use of space monitoring makes it possible to achieve the following tasks:

  • dynamic detection and monitoring of forest fires from space;
  • optimization of costs for forest protection measures (including air patrol routes);
  • assessment of the area covered by fire;
  • preliminary assessment of damage to plantings from fires (including identification of dead plantations);
  • comparison of ground, aeronautical and space observation data, including feedback from ground and air fire services in the regions;
  • integration in one GIS interface of complex information (topographic base, remote sensing and attributive data) in order to support management decisions in the field of monitoring the forest fire situation and situation.

The speed and direction of the spread of fires are influenced by the wind and the type of forest vegetation.

A dry, diseased forest is a good conductor for fire, and even in calm weather, it can pose a threat to engineering structures. Both the hotbeds of fires themselves and the forest tracts that are ready for fire can be successfully identified from space survey data. To identify fire centers, data of low spatial resolution (up to 1 km) are used, but with a good time period (1-3 hours). With the specified image quality, fire centers with a minimum size of 30x30 m are revealed.

The figure shows an example of detecting forest fires according to space imagery data and the form of data presentation. The output data can be presented in the form of a space image with color-coded fire centers, in the form of vector coverages and a list of geographic coordinates.


Forest fire detection

The Innoter company has many years of experience in the field of satellite monitoring of fires, as well as other natural, man-made or anthropogenic influences. The company's specialists individually approach each project and create them in accordance with the specific requirements of the customer.

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