On April 22, 2022, the 2nd annual national award in the field of forensic examination "ZOLOTAYA ISTINA", established by the Forensic Chamber of the Russian Federation, which is the only all-Russian award in the field of forensic activity, was held.

The award winners are recognized expert organizations that have distinguished themselves by applying unique techniques and innovative approaches in various fields of expertise.

In the category "Best Expert Company in the Field of Phototechnical Expertise Based on Space and Aerial Imaging Data," the winner for the year 2021 is the LTD "Geospatial Agency Innoter."

Judicial expertise based on space imagery materials is a procedural action that consists of conducting investigations and providing conclusions by an expert on issues that require the use of space and/or aerial photographs and specialized knowledge. These issues are presented to the expert by the authority or person authorized to appoint judicial expertise, with the aim of establishing the circumstances that require proof in a specific case.

Over the past year, the Company has conducted over a hundred expert examinations, providing support to investigative authorities in the investigation of economic crimes. Among GEO Innoter's clients are leading law firms, insurance, and financial institutions.

If there is a need for EXPERTISE in the judicial process to clarify issues that require specialized knowledge in the fields of land management, cadastre, geodesy, and cartography, our Experts will prepare a competent, objective, reliable, and comprehensive Expert Conclusion.

Call, write, and remember that Judicial Land Survey Expertise contributes to establishing the truth in the case!

Award Recipients: Natalia Nikolaevna Malkova – General Director of LTD "GEO Innoter," Tatiana Andreevna Kuleshova – Deputy General Director of LTD "GEO Innoter."

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