We would like to inform you that since 1st July, 2019 Viktor V. Lavrov (Deputy Director-General – till 30th June, 2019) no longer works for the company «Innoter» Ltd. Diverging views about strategies and tactics on development of the company led Viktor V. Lavrov to the decision to set up his own business. We wish him well in the future! 

For contact with Viktor V. Lavrov write at the following email: lavrov@innoter.com.

The «Innoter» company was established in 2000 and up to these days remains one of the leaders in fields of satellite imagery processing, photogrammetry, cartography, geospatial products, and GIS development.

Our employees are directly involved in the development, testing, and operation of space systems, and also have many years of professional experience in solving various tasks for governmental bodies and leading Russian and foreign companies from all sectors of the economics.

Due to the gained knowledge and experience, we can offer our customers different solutions based on remote sensing data, digital and hard-copy maps, digital orthophotomaps, digital elevation models.

Innoter performs thematic processing of satellite images and the whole range of works on the creation and maintenance of geo-information systems for various purposes: energy, telecommunications, agro-industrial, transport, forestry, oil and gas, environmental and others.

The «Innoter» company also cooperates with foreign companies, it is their business partner and has the agreements with the Maxar Technologies (ex DigitalGlobe, USA), USGS (USA), Deimos (Spain), SpaceWill (China), 21AT (China), SIIS (South Korea), RESTEC (Japan) and others.

We also have reliable business partnerships with software development companies – Hexagon (ERDAS Imagine, ERDAS Apollo), Supermap, Panorama, NextGIS, QGIS, Rakurs (PHOTOMOD) and others.

Openness to cooperation, flexible approach to each client and good pricing are the core values of Innoter.