The meeting was dedicated to the current topic of "Satellite Radar Interferometry: Application of the Method in Geotechnical Monitoring for Observing Ground Deformations."

Representatives of GEO Innoter LTD, including the Director of Development, Felix Fokin, and the Head of Special Projects, Lyudmila Vedernikova, actively participated in the roundtable discussion. In her presentation, Lyudmila Vedernikova discussed the state and trends in the development of sources of satellite radar data, both for interferometry tasks and for various types of monitoring.

The report paid special attention to Chinese radar surveillance satellite constellations as an alternative to the satellites currently in use but with a number of ordering restrictions. A special emphasis was placed on the high pace of development of the Chinese space industry, which will make it possible in the coming years to have a complete alternative to the non-Chinese radar spacecraft available in the world.