AW3D Enhanced - The world's highest precision DEM for city planning of facility management.
High accuracy of 0.5m in both horizontal and vertical direction is realized with DigitalGlobe’s satellites. The product offers wide range line-ups of 0.5m, 1m and 2m mesh product at the same accuracy level. We combine images shot by several satellites and produce high-resolution 3D map. This provides terrain models with such high resolution that detailed variations in tree height can be determined.

Comparison between DEM and Ortho. Left: 50cm resolution DEM, Right: Ortho. Dome shape and detailed undulating
Providing high resolution data from multiple satellites

Since we are generating our DEM data combining multiple high resolution satellite imagery taken with DigitalGlobe satellite constellation, we can efficiently utilize newly taken images as well as our massive collection of archived imagery. This broadens the chance of providing high resolution enhanced data.

Made-to-order based on your demand

Cherry-picking the source imagery considering the resolution, the date taken, and other factors based on your request. We also generate DEM data not only from archive imagery but also from a new tasking option.


Product Type DSM/DTM
Resolution 0.5 m/ 1 m / 2 m
Satellite DigitalGlobe - WorldView etc
Area On demand
Horizontal Accuracy With GCP: Absolute 1m RMSE / 3m CE90
Without GCP: Absolute 2m RMSE / 4m CE90
Relative 1m RMSE / 3m CE90
*May vary based on the land characteristic.
Vertical Accuracy With GCP: Absolute 1m RMSE / 3m LE90
Without GCP: Absolute 2m RMSE / 4m LE90
Relative 1m RMSE / 3m LE90
*May vary based on the land characteristic.
Minimum Order Size 25km2
Delivery Formats GeoTIFF
*Other formats are available on request.
Delivery Method Online or Media (DVD)
Optional Services - Imagery option: resolution 30cm/40cm/50cm
- New tasking option
- Format conversion service for 3D printer (Conversion to STL file format)

Regarding the purchase of the highest precision DEM AW3D Enhanced and data from satellites WorldView-1, WorldView-2, WorldView-3, WorldView-4 and much more, please contact “Innoter” Ltd., the official distributor of Maxar Technologies Inc, by phone number: +7 (495) 245-04-24 or by sending a message on email:
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