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DSM (digital surface model) is a topographic digital model, which describes the relief and the situation on the surface. It consists of digital terrain model and represents the earth's surface, including all objects on it.
GEO Innoter provides the creation of a digital surface models (DSM) based on satellite or aerial survey materials, followed using digital surface models for 3D modeling of cities and other terrain objects.

A digital surface model (digitized map) is a three-dimensional representation of the heights of the Earth's surface, including natural or man-made objects located on it.

The main data sources for creating digital surface models, digitized map and 3D modeling are: 

  • topographic map-provides a geographic reference that stores coordinate and elevation information about terrain features such as terrain, buildings and structures, roads, rivers, land-use contours, administrative boundaries, and so on. 
  • Remote sensing materials obtained in stereo mode are used to create digital surface models and orthophotos. 
  • a cloud of points obtained by laser scanning

The orthophoto and topographic map are used to obtain the contour of the buildings. Ground-based photos of each individual building from multiple points of view are necessary to build a photorealistic 3D model of the buildings.

The digital surface model is used in a variety of planning, analysis, visualization, and modeling applications, including:

  • localities for various purposes (urban planning, architectural planning, tourism, virtual tours, etc.), 
  • navigation systems, 
  • intelligent transport systems, 
  • forecasting of urban risks; 
  • telecommunications-positioning of mobile phone transmitters; 
  • in the mapping of flood risk.

To calculate the cost of generating a DSM model for the area you are interested in, send the technical description of your offer to: For advice, as well as the development of technical specifications for the creation of a customized DSM model, please call: +7 495 245-04-24, or telegram / whatsapp

When creating a DSM, different approaches to stereopairs' processing are used. These approaches may base on automatic, semi-automatic and interactive vectorization modes.

The Innoter company provides DEMs with high resolution and accuracy. We can customize DTMs and DSMs to your needs.

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