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Oil and gas production company

Project's objective

Forecast of oil and gas content of the field of the Customer's license area. Tasks set by the customer to perform:
  • Mapping of local and regional structures.
  • Assessment of oil and gas content and resource potential of the region.
  • Development of recommendations for the placement of priority exploration wells.
  • Assessment of the obtained material for the ecological state and technogenic pollution of the license area.

Completed work

Oil spill detection
Oil spill detection

Work description

  • Collection of geological and geophysical information on the area of ​​work and adjacent territories.
  • Acquisition of satellite images and necessary cartographic materials.
  • Analysis of remote sensing data on the licensed subsoil use area.
  • Structural analysis of remote sensing materials with drawing up a scheme of local forecasting and search criteria.
  • Assessment of the prospects for the oil and gas potential of the region.
  • Specialized interferometric processing of radar data of the most promising and operating objects.
  • Assessment of the material obtained for the ecological state and technogenic pollution of the territory, the infrastructure of the region and the state of industrial facilities.


  • tectonic zoning map of the area of ​​work (scale 1: 100,000); 
  • structural map of the site, with the position of the contours of local and regional structures based on remote sensing data (space and geophysical) (scale 1: 100,000); 
  • assessment of the oil and gas content of the territory, based on the analysis of hydrocarbon micro-seepage, affecting the change in spectral characteristics determined from satellite images (scale 1: 100,000); 
  • map of local structures and faults (scale 1: 100,000); 
  • structural maps of promising areas (scale up to 1: 25000);
  • map of oil and gas geological zoning of the site with ranking of structures according to the degree of their prospects in accordance with the probability of geological success (scale 1: 100,000);
  • a map of the current state of the landscape with a detailed digital elevation model (updated location of water sources, roads, bridges, oil and gas pipelines, outbuildings);
  • diagram of the ecological state and analysis of the pollution of the territory;
  • explanatory note (report) with an overview of the geological structure of the territory, assessment of hydrocarbon resources of identified promising local objects.

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