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Project's objective

  1. Ensuring the requirements of the current legislation in the field of industrial safety and protection of subsoil in terms of control of modern geodynamic processes.
  2. Monitoring of natural and man-made displacements of the earth's surface by methods:

    • multi-pass space radar interferometry on the territory of the gas production and transport infrastructure of the field;
    • Carrying out measurements at points of the geodynamic test site by GNSS methods.
  3. Determination of the assessment of the geodynamic risk of the deposit territory within the boundaries of the mining allotment due to the proposed processes:
  4. subsidence of the earth's surface in connection with the development of hydrocarbon deposits;
    • heaving and subsidence of the earth's surface in connection with dangerous geocryological and other exogenous processes;
    • displacements of the earth's surface due to movements along the zones of geodynamic active ruptured disturbances (endogenous processes).

Work description

  1. Coordination of the field work program:
    • a detailed description of the methodology and technology of field, office work and radar interferometric imagery;
    • a drawing of the design of corner reflectors and a deformation point (geodynamic benchmark) with a casing, an anchor, a protective well, with a depth of 13-15 meters.
    • preliminary justified calculation of the measurement accuracy;
    • an agreed scheme for observing deformation points of the geodynamic polygon (GDP), taking into account the current geological situation: the location of neotectonic blocks, faults, hazardous zones (natural and technogenic genesis);
    • control schemes for GDS control points;
    • characteristics and parameters of the used equipment and software;
    • substantiation of the number of scenes of radar satellite imagery used for processing;
    • a reporting form for periodic observations, the ability to visually compare the results of cycles when using two technologies: geodetic observations and radar-interferometric surveys in the prism of the geological environment, and a general analysis of previous work.
  2. Detailed reconnaissance of starting points.
  3. A survey of the state of all network points has been completed.
  4. Coordinating and determining the heights of base points from IGS points in order to control their stability.
  5. Performing geodetic measurements at deformation points of the GDS using GNSS methods, in order to determine the coordinates and heights of points.
  6. Planning and execution of a radar survey (the series of images should cover the entire territory of the oil and gas condensate field; high resolution (Stripmap), X-range, nominal spatial resolution - 3 m).
  7. Processing and analysis of the results of geodetic measurements.

  8. Processing and analysis of the results of target radar interferometric space imagery of the geodynamic test area of ​​the gas production and transport infrastructure of the field.
  9. The results of interferometry were interpreted together with the available tectonic, geological and topographic maps of the DTM and DEM, as well as with the measurements obtained at the deformation points of the geodynamic test site.
  10. Selective field control of the accuracy of several closed polygons.


The customer received a technical report containing:

  1. An explanatory note on all types of work and radar survey;
  2. A polygon scheme with a plotted estimate of the accuracy of the resulting vectors, a statement of an estimate of the accuracy of calculations, residuals, catalogs of coordinates and heights of base stations and network points, raw data from GNSS observations;
  3. Comprehensive analysis of the results of target radar interferometric survey of the geodynamic testing area, combined with the results of geodetic measurements;
  4. Assessment and forecast of the identified geodynamic or geocryological changes in the territory.

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