The basis for these works is a comprehensive program for the reconstruction and technical re-equipment of gas transportation facilities and UGS compressor stations for the period 2007-2010, approved by Resolution of the Gazprom Management Committee No. 40 of September 

Project's objective

The purpose of these works is to create and update digital terrain models (DTM) of 1: 25000 scale in the corridor of the condensate line (km 0 – km 703), for the subsequent creation of thematic maps for the area to be mapped.

Completed work

  • Analysis of the availability and quality of the original cartographic and space photographic materials (year of creation / survey, cloudiness, haze, mutual overlap, etc.).

  • Creating a mosaic of images from materials of space imagery.

  • Build relief.

  • Topographic interpretation.

  • Formation of coordinated thematic layers.

  • Filling attribute tables to thematic layers.

  • Formation of CMM and cameral control of the model obtained.

  • Registration of reporting documentation.

Описание фотографии
ALOS PRISM satellite image
Описание фотографии
Original cartographic material depicting the condensate pipeline


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