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Administration of the city district of Revda

Project's objective

Update topographic plans of the territory of the city district Revda

Work description

1. Aerial photography works with a pixel projection size on the ground of not more than 0.10 m. Aerial photography was performed in the RGB spectral range, in frame shooting mode, with a longitudinal overlap between aerial photographs of 70-80%, with a transverse overlap of 50-60% of the equipment capture width on the ground. With the definition of the coordinates of photographing centers using GPS / GLONASS satellite positioning technology by a differential method.

2. Creating a stereophotogrammetric model of a scale of 1: 500 with a height of the cross section of the relief after 1.0 m.

3. The creation of digital orthophotomaps of 1: 2000 scale included the following processes:

  • creation of a digital terrain model by the stereophotogrammetric method in PHOTOSCAN software with a step of 0.2 m;
  • creating stitching lines;

  • orthorectification of aerial photographs;

  • cutting orthophotomaps on nomenclature sheets.

In total, 189 digital orthophotomaps were created.

Картограмма работ ГО Ревда
Cartogram of works


As a result of the work, the following materials were created:

  • digital orthophotomaps of a scale of 1: 2000, in the coordinate system MSC66, TIF format with binding files TFW;
  • digital stereophotogrammetric models of terrain on a scale of 1: 500, in the coordinate system MSC66, the Baltic system of heights, the format of the DFS PHOTOMOD.

Materials created on the territory of settlements of the city district Revda of the Sverdlovsk region: Mariinsk, Krylatovsky, Krasnoyar, Gusevka-1, Gusevka-2, Yemelino, Ledyanka, p. Kungurka within the boundaries agreed by the customer.

The implementation of the created materials in the working process of the Revda city administration in accordance with the Customer’s Technical Task has been completed.

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