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Oil and gas company

Project's objective

Creation of an up-to-date digital basemap (DB) at a scale of 1: 25,000 for the territory of the production area of ​​an oil and gas company for registration of mining taps.

Work description

  1. Collection of data on the study of the territory, development of a work program.

  2. Analysis of the data of topographic and geodetic study and source materials.

  3. Drawing up, agreement with the Customer and approval of the Technical project for the production of work, which should reflect the scope of work, the sequence and methodology for their implementation.

  4. Acquisition from state and departmental cartographic funds of available topographic maps and plans for the creation of DB.

  5. Bringing the materials into compliance with the principles of classification of the Company "Objects of digital topographic information of scale 1:25 000" and the requirements of the technical task

  6. Preparation of the minutes of the meeting of the expert commission of the contractor on the compliance of the created DB for open use at a scale of 1:25 000 with the mark “for open use”.

  7. Drawing up a Technical report on the work performed.

  8. Transfer of the created materials to the Customer.


Transferred to the customer:

  • Technical report on the work performed in electronic form and on paper.
  • Created digital basemap M:25 000 in SK-2011 and SK-95 in electronic form.

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