Project's objective

As a result of the work, according to the customer’s specifications, it was necessary to create a terrain orthophotomap (cut into sheets of 1: 5000 scale) to an area of about 100 square meters. km near the town of Lipovtsy, Primorsky Krai.

Completed work

At the preparatory stage, due to the lack of archival stereo filming on the customer's territory, the order of new stereo images from the Pleiades spacecraft was carried out. As a result, pan-chromatic stereo photography was obtained, the spatial resolution on the ground - 0.5-0.7 meters per pixel. Primary processing level (ready for orthorectification), which implies radiometric and geometric correction of images, as well as the presence of RPC polygons, which are later used for orthorectification.

Based on the data obtained, a digital elevation model (DTM) was created using specially designed software PHOTOMOD (using shutter glasses and special monitors) using GGS points of support provided by the customer in 1942 SK. The product contained information about the terrain, shown by contours drawn with a section height of 1 meter with a rms error corresponding to the guidelines for creating topographic plans of 1: 5000 scale.

At the final stage, orthoretification of space imagery materials from UTM WGS84 (SK image) to SK-1942 (SK customer) was carried out at reference points of GGS points provided by the customer. The average error in terms of objects and clear contours did not exceed 2.5 m in accordance with the technical specifications and accuracy requirements.

The finished orthorectified materials were brought to a single geometry, cut into sheets of 1: 5000 scale and delivered in panchromatic colors (shades of gray), in the GeoTIFF format.

The scheme of the site around the Lipovtsy settlement (area about 100 sq. km.)


In the course of the project, the full cycle of creating new orthorectified photomaps of the terrain was worked out, starting with the order of new stereo photography and ending with the creation of products ready for further use.

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