Project's objective

Creation of orthophoto plans based on the obtained shooting from the WorldView-2 spacecraft in accordance with the customer’s specifications.

Completed work

According to the requirements of the technical specification, images from the WorldView-2 spacecraft with a spatial resolution of 0.5 m in nadir, the color version, ready for orthorectification (OrthoReady Standard) were selected for the customer's interest.

Basing on the data obtained, work on the creation of orthophotomaps with a root-mean-square error <15 meters was performed. The customer provided a planning and height basis and a matrix of heights.

The creation of orthophotomaps was carried out in the projection of UTM on the ellipsoid WGS84. Finished orthophotomaps with a bit depth - 8 Bit in natural colors, cutting of orthophotomaps was carried out into fragments of not more than 500 MB.

General scheme of the supplied data for the Yanino area
General scheme of the supplied data for the Yanino area


As a result of the contract execution, the customer received a high-quality image for the territory indicated by him, as well as promptly (within four days) an orthophoto-plan made on its basis, which satisfies the accuracy of further work.


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