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Project's objective

Receiving remote sensing radar data of from TerraSAR-X (StripMap) and COSMO-SkyMed (ScanSAR Huge) satellites to the territory of the Rostov oblast.

Completed work

Within the framework of this order, we have selected the radar data from the TerraSAR-X (StripMap) and COSMO-SkyMed (ScanSAR Huge) satellites that had met the following customer’s requirements for the surveying parameters:

  • Resolution – 3 meters for TerraSAR-X (StripMap) and 100 meters for COSMO-SkyMed (ScanSAR Huge);

  • Polarization VV;

  • Processing level – radiometric, sensory and geometric corrections, geolocation;

  • Date of shooting – May 23, 2014

  • The area of the scene for images from the TerraSAR-X satellite is 1500 square meters. km; for images from the COSMO-SkyMed spacecraft – 40000 sq. km.


The scheme of scenes’ layout


In the course of analyzing the availability of archived images for May 23, 2014, satellite images of TerraSAR-X (StripMap) and COSMO-SkyMed (ScanSAR Huge) were selected to satisfy customer requirements.

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