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Project's objective

Analysis of the state of the railway section in the area of the station Dusse-Alin (Khabarovsk Territory) according to remote sensing data.

Completed work

In accordance with the technical specifications of the customer and the requirements imposed on the quality and characteristics of the products, archival images were taken from the WorldView-2 spacecraft to the site of the Dusse-Alin railway station, Khabarovsk Territory. For the territory of 41 square meters. km was selected a picture covering 100% of the area of interest, in natural colors, with a spatial resolution of 0.5 m at nadir, the level of OrthoReady Standard processing (ready for orthorectification).

Scheme of the AOI, total area – 41 sq. km. Near the railway station Dusse-Alin.


As a result of the work, the customer promptly received a high-quality image with the necessary parameters of cloudiness, slope, snowfall, spatial resolution, coating, specially processed and ready for orthorectification. These data allowed the customer to perform survey work for the end user.


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