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The COSMO-SkyMed 1-4 (Constellation of Small Satellites for Mediterranean basin Observation) x-band dual-purpose spacecraft series was developed by the Italian space Agency (ASI) in cooperation with the Italian Ministry of defense. All satellites of the group are equipped with a synthetic aperture radar that allows interferometric survey of the earth's surface with ultra-high spatial resolution (better than 1 m on the ground). The peculiarity of these radar satellites is the ability to obtain images of the earth's surface at any visibility, regardless of meteorological conditions at any time of the day. A series of 4 devices-twins provides frequent updating of images, which allows for almost daily operational monitoring, as well as provides the possibility of rapid response in cases of emergency.

Specifications of Cosmo-SkyMed 1-4 spacecrafts

Name of the spacecraft Cosmo-SkyMed 1-4
Country Italy
Developer Alenia Spazio
Operator e-GEOS (Italy)
Launch date June 8, 2007 (COSMO-SkyMed-1),
December 8, 2007 (COSMO-SkyMed-2),
October 24, 2008 (COSMO-SkyMed-3),
November 6, 2010 (COSMO-SkyMed-4)
  height, km
  inclination, degree
Period of active existence, years 5
Equipment SAR
Weight, kg 1900

Technical characteristics of the shooting equipment

Spectral range X-band (3.1 cm)
Radiometric resolution, bit / pixel 8
The frequency of shooting per day 6 (at the equator), 7 (at latitude 40 deg)
File format CEOS
Speed of data transmission to ground segment Mbit/s 300

Technical characteristics of the shooting equipment

Mode Spatial resolution, m Shooting bandwidth, km Shooting angle range, deg. Polarization
Ultra-high resolution (Spotlight) ≤ 1 10 20-60 Single (optional-HH or VV)
High resolution (Stripmap) 3-5 40 20-60 Single (optional-HH or VV or HV or VH)
Medium resolution (ScanSAR Wideregion) 30 100 20-60 Single (optional-HH or VV or HV or VH)
Low resolution (ScanSAR Hugeregion) 100 200 20-60 Single (optional-HH or VV or HV or VH)
Medium resolution with double polarization (Polarimetric) 15-20 30 20-60 Double (optional-VV/HH or HH/HV or VV/VH)
The main areas of use of the data obtained with COSMO-SkyMed:
  • creating and updating topographic and special maps up to a scale of 1: 10,000
  • creation of DEM and DTM of high accuracy (up to 2-4 meters in height)
  • all-weather continuous monitoring of natural and man-made disasters (floods, droughts, landslides, accidents, etc.)
  • seismic hazard assessment, prediction of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions
  • mapping of crops, determination of the state of crops
  • preparation of an up-to-date geospatial framework for humanitarian operations

For a preliminary calculation of the cost of covering the area of interest with radar satellite images from COSMO-SkyMed send the terms of reference or the coordinates of the site by e-mail: We will be glad to answer your questions by phone: +7 (495) 245-04-24

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