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Formosat-2 satellite (former Roscat-2) was launched on the 21th of May, 2004 by the National Space Organization of Taiwan. The satellite was manufactured by the French department of Astrium and was designed for remote sensing of the earth’s surface, as well as studying the ocean and atmosphere. Formosat-2 was decommissioned in August 2016. All archive imagery is available for order.

Sample image from the Formosat-2 satellite ©Airbus Defense and Space
Sample image from the Formosat-2 satellite ©Airbus Defense and Space
Sample image from the Formosat-2 satellite ©Airbus Defense and Space
Sample image from the Formosat-2 satellite ©Airbus Defense and Space

Spacecraft design and mission details






Airbus Defence and Space (ex-EADS Astrium)


NSPO (National Space Organization, Taiwan). Airbus Defense and Space own an exclusive right to supply the imagery.

Launch vehicle

Taurus XL

Launch date

21 May 2004

Launch site

Vandenberg Air Force Base

Date of deactivation

19 August 2016

Orbit: Type

Altitude, km

Inclination, deg.




Mission duration, years


Revisit frequency, days


Mass, kg


Formsat-2 is an NSPO (National Space Program Office) of Taiwan Earth imaging satellite with the objective to collect high-resolution panchromatic (2 m) and multispectral (8 m) imagery. The survey was performed with an RSI optical-electronic camera with a focal length of 2.9 m with a swath width of 24 km. The optical axis of the telescope could deviate by an angle of ± 45° along and across the orbital plane, which made it possible to obtain single-turn and inter-turn stereo pairs. The RSI camera on one turn could shoot one route 3000 km × 24 km, two stereo pairs 100 km × 24 km, four routes 100 km × 24 km or eight frames 24 km × 24 km.


Sensor bands

PAN: 0,45 – 0,90 µm

Blue: 0,45 – 0,52 µm

Green: 0,52 – 0,69 µm

Red: 0,63 – 0,90 µm

Near-IR: 0,76 – 0,90 µm

Dynamic range, bits per pixel


Sensor resolution (at nadir), m

PAN: 2

MS: 8

Swath width, km


Image transmission, Mbit/s




  • land use, land cadastre, development of GIS;

  • disaster management;

  • agriculture and forestry, assessment of areas and crop yields;

  • environmental monitoring, detection of areas of pollution, illegal building and deforestation.

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