Gaofen-2 is the second satellite of the HDEOS program, which main goal is to provide Chinese governmental and commercial organizations with close-to-real-time imagery. GAofen-2 is part of the CHEOS (China High Resolution Earth Observation System) family with the objective to provide high accuracy geographical mapping, land and resource surveying, environment change monitoring, near real-time observation for disaster prevention and mitigation, as well as for agriculture and forest estimation.

Hokkaido Island, Japan, 04 June 2018. Gaofen-2 satellite ©CRESDA
Hokkaido Island, Japan, 04 June 2018. Gaofen-2 satellite ©CRESDA
Samara Oblast, Russia, 23 November 2016. Gaofen-2 satellite ©CRESDA
Tuva Republic, Russia, 6 September 2016. Gaofen-2 satellite ©CRESDA
Bryansk Oblast, Russia, 25 April 2015. Gaofen-2 satellite ©CRESDA

Spacecraft design and mission details






CAST/BISSE (China's Academy of Space Technology / Beijing Institute of Spacecraft System Engineering)


China Center For Resources Satellite Data and Application (CRESDA)

Launch vehicle


Launch date

19 August 2014

Date of deactivation


Orbit: Type
Altitude, km
Inclination, deg.


Mission duration, years

5 – 8

Revisit frequency, days


Mass, kg


Gaofen-2 is equipped with 2 PAN/MS cameras, that can collect images with resolution of 0,80 m (nadir) in panchromatic and 3,24 m (nadir) in the multispectral bands on a swath of 45 km. Gaofen-2 is a follow-on mission of the Gaofen-1 technology demonstration mission, a series of high-resolution optical Earth observation satellites of CNSA.


Sensor bands

PAN: 450-890 nm

Blue: 450-520 nm

Green: 520-590 nm

Red: 630-690 nm

Near-IR: 770-890 nm

Dynamic range, bits per pixel


Sensor resolution (at nadir), m

PMC: 0,8 m for PAN, 3,24 m for MS

Swath width, km

45 km by twin cameras (nadir)

Onboard storage

3,75 TB


  • Emergency management and emergency preventing;
  • Climate change monitoring;
  • Environmental monitoring;
  • Mapping;
  • Mining exploration;
  • Agricultural management.

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