The South Korean KompSat-3 spacecraft was launched on may 17, 2012 from Japan’s Tanegashima cosmodrome by an h-2A-202 launch vehicle into a sun-synchronous orbit of 685 km, with an inclination of 98.13 degrees. The KompSat-3 satellite was developed By the Korean aerospace Research Institute KARI (Korea Aerospace Research Institute) with the participation of Korean Air Lines Co., Korea Aerospace Industries Ltd., Doowon Heavy Industrial Co and Hanwha, as well as by EADS Astrium GmbH

United States of America, date of shooting 14.03.2018, satellite image from KompSat - 3A © KARI
Romania, shooting date 24.09.2018, space image from KompSat - 3A © KARI
Russia, shooting date 09.05.2019, space image from KompSat-3 © KARI
Orenburg region, date of shooting 25.10.2013, satellite image from KompSat - 3 © KARI
Orenburg region, date of shooting 25.10.2013, satellite image from KompSat - 3 © KARI
Orenburg region, date of shooting 25.10.2013, satellite image from KompSat - 3 © KARI

In development of the new device was invested 286.6 billion Korean won or 252 million dollars. In total, South Korea plans to place five satellites with similar functionality in orbit.

Kompsat - 3A, identical to Kompsat-3, launched on 26.03.2015.

The KompSat-3 spacecraft consists of a payload-an AEISS (Advanced Earth Imaging Sensor System) camera and a satellite platform that takes it into space. The height of The KompSat-3 spacecraft is about 3.5 m with a diameter of 2.0 m in the withdrawal configuration. With the deployed solar panels and x-band antennas, the height and length are respectively about 4.7 and 6.9 m. the mass of the KompSat-3 spacecraft in the refueled state is about 1000 kg.

Technical characteristics of the spacecraft KompSat-3, 3A:

Name of the spacecraft KompSat-3,3A
Country South Korea
Developer KARI, EADS Astrium
Operator KARI
Launch vehicle Rokot-KM
Launch date KompSat-3 17.05.2012
KompSat-3A 26.03.2015
  height, km
  inclination, degree
  circulation period, min
  number of turns per day
  time at the equator, hour
Solar-synchronous daytime
  shooting equipment
  deflection angle, deg, deg

Period of active existence, years 4
Follow-up period, day 3
Power, W 1300
Size of spacecraft, m×m 3.5×2.0
Mass of spacecraft, kg 1000

According to the Ministry of science and technology of South Korea, the satellite will provide the opportunity to obtain accurate weather data, information on atmospheric fronts and weather over the ocean. The authorities also say that the device can be used for monitoring in case of natural disasters,as well as environmental monitoring.

Technical characteristics of onboard survey equipment

Name of spacecraft KompSat-3 KompSat-3A
Name of shooting equipment MSC
Focal length, m 8,6
Diameter of the main mirror, cm 80
Relative aperture 1:12
Spectral ranges, microns Panchromatic 0.45-0.90
Blue 0.45-0.52
Green 0.52-0.60
Red 0.63-0.69
NIR 0.76-0.90
Pan element size, microns 8,75
Number of PAN elements, microns 17,5
The number of elements of MS, mcm 6000
Terrain resolution
Data transfer rate, Mbit / sec 320
Memory capacity, Gbit 64 and 96

The main cases of using data obtained from the spacecraft KompSat-3, 3A:

  • creating and updating topographic maps and plans up to 1: 5,000 scale.
  • creation of digital elevation models (DEM) of high accuracy.
  • engineering surveys for the construction of infrastructure transportation and production of oil and gas.
  • implementation of forest management works, inventory and assessment of forests.
  • inventory of agricultural land, creation of land use plans.
  • creation of city plans and schemes of territorial planning of municipal districts.
  • inventory and monitoring of transport, energy and information communications.
  • observations of natural disasters.
  • control over the use of natural resources.
  • conducting research in various fields.
  • solution of applied problems.

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