Sentinel-2A, 2B – European Space Agency (ESA) project Sentinel is equipped with an optoelectronic multispectral sensor for surveys with a resolution from 10 to 60 m in the visible, near infrared (VNIR) and short-wave infrared (SWIR) spectral zones, including 13 spectral channels, which ensures the display of differences in the state of vegetation, including temporal changes, and minimizes the impact on the quality of the atmosphere. The orbit has an average altitude of 785 km, the presence of two satellites in the mission allows repeated surveys every 5 days at the equator and every 2-3 days at mid-latitudes.

Riau, province east-central Sumatra, Indonesial, satellite image from Sentinel © ESA
Indonesial, satellite image from Sentinel © ESA
Crimea, Sevastopol, satellite image from Sentinel © European Space Agency

The increased bandwidth of the survey, along with the high repeatability of surveys, allows you to track rapidly changing processes, such as changes of vegetation during the growing season. Sentinel-2 data provides GMES services related to land management, agricultural production and forestry, as well as monitoring of natural disasters and humanitarian operations. The uniqueness of the Sentinel-2 mission is due to the combination of large territorial coverage, frequent re-surveys and systematic obtaining of full coverage of the entire Earth by multispectral survey of medium resolution.

Technical characteristics of the spacecrafts Sentinel‑2A, 2B:

Name of the spacecraft Sentinel-2A, 2B
Developer EADS Astrium Satellites (France)
Operator European Space Agency (ESA)
Launch vehicle РН Vega (France)
Launch date June 23, 2015 (Sentinel-2A),
March 7, 2017 (Sentinel-2B)
  height, km
  inclination, degree
Mass of spacecraft, kg 1200
Estimated period of operation (years) 7

Technical characteristics of the shooting equipment Sentinel‑2A, 2B:

Shooting mode Hyperspectral
Spectral ranges, microns 0.490
Spatial resolution, m 10 20 60
Radiometric resolution, bits per pixel 12
Shooting bandwidth, km 290
Frequency of shooting per day 10

Main areas of using data obtained from sentinel‑2A, 2B spacecrafts:

  • monitoring of agricultural crops.
  • inventory of agricultural land, creation of land use plans, precision agriculture.
  • monitoring of emergency situations.
  • inventory and assessment of forest condition.
  • wide range of tasks in the field of environmental protection.

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