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The Innoter company has a long experience of remote sensing data acquisition, processing and interpretation. We also have a license which allows us to participate in judicial proceedings. Thus, our employees are able to act as experts in cartographic judicial examination.
The main purpose of such expertise is to establish the truth. In our case - to establish authenticity, completeness and correctness. Such judicial examination can be required in
  • following situations:
  • illegal use of land;
  • illegal occupation of lands that were determined to agricultural use;
  • unauthorized mining works, deforestation, etc.
  • illegal construction works within a conservation area;
  • soil pollution, water pollution, etc.
  • illegal dumping grounds detecting.

Satellite imagery made in different periods of time can help to detect changes in the environment. If an object was built within a conservation area without a legal permission, satellite images will show the period of time in which it was built.

Some of our cases:
  • in 2014 Innoter's experts and the investigating officer together revealed falsity of messages and reports, which were presented by a real estate developer. The developer was to build a home for disabled persons; the company got money from the federal budget, but hardly had done anything. As a result of Innoter's work money was returned to the government and justice was restored;
  • in 2015 the Innoter company performed as an independent expert organization in a judicial proceedings;
  • in 2016 several persons contacted the Innoter company asking to provide an examination in Vladivostok. We were asked to define the state of capital construction facilities. Our clients won in all 3 cases.

  • detailed satellite images in high resolution;
  • global coverage;
  • able to study hard-to-reach territories;
  • able to detect changes regularly.

The product is used by:
  • state bodies (prosecutor's office, investigative committee, supervisory authorities in the field of environmental management)
  • commercial organizations;
  • natural persons who need to solve a disputable issue in the court.

If you need a forensic aerial photography for presenting in the court, contact us by the phone: +7 495 245-04-24 or send us an e-mail to:
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