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Geoportals are databases for spatial data. The main purpose of geoportals is to provide a fast and handy search of necessary spatial data.
Stages of creation:
  • thematic vocabulary and portal's structure development;
  • metadata profiles' projecting;
  • creation of the storage, search tool and visualization.

Geoportals can store the following types of information:
  • aerial and space-borne images;
  • digital elevation models;
  • raster and vector layers;
  • maps and plans.

Geoportal contains geospatial data about a city/town or about a region. There are also federal and global geoportals. For instance, "Google Earth" is the global geoportal.

All geoportals have user-friendly interface. A user can search an object by address, coordinates (lat/lon), keywords or any other attributes. As a result, a list of suitable objects appear. Another way to display results – visualization on a digital map. Geoportal's user will be able to see all metadata related to found objects. 

  • high resolution of images;
  • reliable and relevant information;
  • an opportunity to study and analyze hard-to-reach locations; 
  • any scale available.

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