Maxar is a leader in the satellite imagery market, distinguished by its precise satellite constellation in orbit offering the highest resolution (30 cm). Enhancements like HD technology further improve their high-quality image products. HD technology, a patented innovation owned by Maxar, enhances visual clarity by refining edges and reconstructing details, reducing visual clutter and pixelation that can distract or complicate interpretation by both human eyes and computer vision algorithms.

Слева - первоначально полученное изображение с разрешением 50 см. Справа - 30-сантиметровое HD-изображение после применения технологии

After applying HD technology, a 30 cm HD image (on the right) is produced from initial 50 cm resolution imagery (on the left). HD imaging provides enhanced clarity, aiding clients in identifying finer details and making more informed decisions. The 30 cm HD does not replace the originally acquired 30 cm images but provides an additional way to derive quality and utility from them.

HD technology is available as an upgrade to major image products (View-Ready and Map-Ready Imagery), foundational image mosaics (Vivid, Metro, and Dynamic), and in SecureWatch.

When business solutions require detecting small features on the ground, improved visual perception is crucial. HD technology effectively increases pixel count and enhances smaller ground details. Clearer visualization allows for more efficient and timely decision-making based on satellite imagery, saving money and time on subsequent field visits.

Advantages of HD Technology

HD can be applied to imagery across the entire Maxar satellite constellation, resulting in 30 cm HD images derived from original 50 cm satellite imagery and an unprecedented 15 cm HD product from their own 30 cm imagery. HD technology ensures:

  • Faster project deliveries by utilizing the full Maxar constellation, providing more than one option to meet 30 cm pixel size requirements.
  • Expanded inventory of 30 cm imagery by processing an additional 1.6 million square kilometers of 50 cm imagery to HD each day.
  • Enhanced clarity for machine learning algorithms to extract more meaningful information.

Application of HD Technology

The image below of Xiadiancun, China, was captured at a native 30 cm resolution — the highest spatial resolution available from commercially orbiting satellites. Explore this image closely; observe the building facades, window frames, or metal structure above the entrance.

Using HD technology on the same image, Maxar can now offer a new visual experience by producing a 15-centimeter HD product (below) that allows you to see finer details on the building façade. Compared to the native 30-centimeter image above, you can tell that the HD image below provides a better understanding of individual features. For example, small features such as utility pavements or power lines can be identified with the 15-centimeter HD image.

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Maxar Technologies Inc. introduced a new technology to improve the visual quality of images (space images) - high-definition technology (HD).