Innoter is taking free-carried orders on ultra-high and high resolution imagery by the most advanced optical satellites - WorldView-1-2-3, GeoEye (USA); SuperView, TripleSat, GF-2 (China); KompSat-3, 3A (Korea); Pleiades, SPOT-6, 7 (EU), KazEOSat-1 (Kazakhstan), BKA (Belarus), Aist-2D (Russia) etc.

Th surveying season is already on! The free-carried order on 2020 satellite imagery is an optimal solution for those planning to use the Earth remote sensing data, but not having the final idea of financial resources yet.

The program provides for putting the order in the satellite survey list with the lowest priority (with no operator’s guaranty). The client is entitled not buy out the imagery in case of changed plans or lack of financing.

Should the made imagery is required in future, it can be purchased at the archive date price what is more cost-efficient!

The early order placement enables to reduce the procedure time and the satellite imagery price for the areas of your interest. Examples of satellite imagery are available in the satellite section.

Please direct your requests to: