BS (“Belorussian Spacecraft”, a.k.a BKA) constructively and with technical characteristics almost completely repeats the Russian Kanopus-V satellite. The Kanopus-V and BS satellites form a single grouping and operate under a coordinated program. The BS is intended primarily for the provision of real-time remote sensing data for the state order of Belarus. Archive images are available for a commercial order, as well as a new survey, since the life of the spacecraft was extended until the end of 2020. 

North-Western Siberia, BS satellite ©Unitary Enterprise Geoinformation Systems
Cuba, BS satellite ©Unitary Enterprise Geoinformation Systems
Vilnius, BS satellite ©Unitary Enterprise Geoinformation Systems
The BS was developed at VNIIEM Corporation by an agreement between the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and the Federal Space Agency of the Russian Federation. The satellite was launched on July 22, 2012 from the Baikonur cosmodrome using a Soyuz-FG rocket simultaneously with the Russian satellite Kanopus-V. The satellites are in the same orbit at opposite points (at an angular distance of 180 ° from the arc).

Spacecraft design and mission details

Name BS
Country Belarus
Developer VNIIEM Corporation (Russia)
Operator Unitary Enterprise "Geoinformation Systems"
Launch vehicle Soyuz-FG
Launch date 22 July 2012
Launch site Baikonur Cosmodrome
Date of deactivation -
Altitude, km
Inclination, deg.
Mission duration, years 8
Revisit frequency, days 5
Mass, kg 465


Sensor bands PAN: 0,53 – 0,93 µm
Blue: 0,45 – 0,52 µm
Green: 0,51 – 0,60 µm
Red: 0,63 – 0,70 µm
Near-IR: 0,76 – 0,85 µm
Dynamic range, bits per pixel 10
Sensor resolution (at nadir), m PAN: 2,1
MS: 10,5
Swath width, km 23 (PAN), 40 (MS)

Types of commercial products: radiometric, sensory and geometric correction. Reduction to the map projection.


  • creating and updating topographic and navigation maps of 1:25 000 - 1: 100 000 scale;

  • control over land use and agricultural production;

  • monitoring of land reclamation facilities;

  • monitoring changes in the forest fund, performing forest management works, automated inventory, control of reforestation works;

  • inventory and control of the construction of infrastructure, mining;

  • environmental control of the environment.

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