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SI Imaging Services has announced discounts on new and archival imagery from Kompsat 2, 3, 3A satellites.

Maximum discount on the new survey reaches almost 50%, and archival images are now available 4 times chipper – only $ 8 per 1 sq. km. with ultra-high spatial resolution of 40 сm from the satellite Kompsat-3A.

Data from Kompsat satellites are suitable for many tasks in the field of environmental protection, creation of topographic maps up to the scale of 1: 5 000, creation of master plans of cities, inventory, design and control of construction works at oil and gas production facilities, inventory of agricultural lands, etc.

Shooting with a spatial resolution of 0.4 m can be a great substitute for aerial photography.

Minimum order area of archive images is 25 sq km, on a new tasking – 100 sq km, the Spatial resolution is 40 cm in panchromatic and 1.6 m in multispectral.

The special offer is valid until 1.06.2020

To order data from Kompsat satellites, please contact Innoter by phone +7 495 245-04-24 or send a request to e-mail:

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