Topographic plan is a type of large-scale drawing that represents on a plane surface a specific area of the Earth's surface using conventional symbols. The topographic plan is constructed without considering the curvature of the contour lines. It maintains a constant scale in all directions and at any point.

Topographic plan of a plot is a document prepared based on the results of topographic surveying of an area. It represents a drawing of the elements of the site, terrain, and other objects on the ground, along with their technical and metric characteristics, using approved conventional symbols.

  1. Obtaining construction permits/documentation.
  2. Planning construction and reconstruction of buildings and structures.
  3. Preparation of the master plan for the development of the area.
  4. Designing the layout of engineering communications and their reconstruction.
  5. Conducting cadastral work.
  6. Landscaping of territories.
  7. Registration of newly formed land plots in ownership or lease.
  8. Vertical planning of any territory.
  9. Landscape design for land plots.
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