Innoter offers a special price on both radar and spectral images from Chinese satellites!

Despite the lower price, images from Chinese satellites are not inferior comparing to imagery from western satellites in terms of quality and resolution.

Satellites (western) Resolution Satellites (Chinese) Resolution
DigitalGlobe’s satellites 0,5 м SuperView-1 A/B/C/D 0,5 m
Pleiades-1A/1B 0,7 m Gaofen-2 0,8 m
SPOT-6/7 1,5 m

TripleSat-1/2/3 1 m
RapidEye 5 m TH-1a
2 m
2,1 m
TerraSAR-X 0,25-40 м Gaofen-3 1 м

During the 2016-2020 Chinese satellites have collected a big archive of imagery that covers Russia and CIS!

The size of the discount depends on the AOI’s square and is calculated individually for each customer.

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